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Long Tail Keywords and Search Engine Optimization.

When compiling a list of keywords to target SEO experts tend to only go for small phrases such as "electronic cigarettes" or "massage tables". These short phrases can bring in a lot of highly targeted traffic but tend to be very competitive and takes months to a year + to rank on the first page. Longer phrases or "Long Tail Keywords" such as "wholesale electronic cigarette cartridges" or "earthlite portable massage tables" are harder to find but tend to be a lot less competitive and easy to rank for. Although a single long tail keyword may not get as much attention or traffic as the shorter keywords they do pack a punch! Imagine getting your web site ranked for a large list of long tail keywords and how much highly targeted traffic you can gain quickly. A few good ways to find long tail keywords to target is to:

  • Collect searches entered by users through your own web site search on a shopping cart installed on your web site or your blog.
  • Check your web analytics program to see how people are currently finding your site on Google and other major search engines.
  • Do extensive keyword research through Google Adsense Keyword tool, Key Word Discovery or Word Tracker.
  • I have not tried this myself yet but I hear Hot Tail is a good analytics program that you can install on your site that will collect user information and recommend long tail phrases.


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