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It Doesn’t Matter What You Shoot On

"If you want to be a filmmaker, start making films."

I have no idea who said this, or if anyone really did. When I tried to find out via Google, I came across a lot of great quotes, but couldn't find this one (supposedly Stanley Kubrick said it). Perhaps it's just a fish story. Or common sense. Whatever it is, it's one of the most influential quotes I've ever read. It motivated me to pick up whatever recording device I could find and (as Nike used to say) "just do it."

When I started having filmmaker dreams, the "cheapest" format I could find was Super-8 film. Video was still being cut on linear decks, which you could only find in college or a post production house. Nowadays, there are so many options to shoot your project, it really is ridiculous. There are cameras that record on tape, hard drives, memory cards and even internal memory. Just about every cell phone sold know comes with a camera that can record video.

A painter picks up a brush and paints. A writer grabs a keyboard and writes. A filmmaker gets whatever he can find and films. What are you waiting for?


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