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The Future of Social Media Marketing

Over the weekend I logged into my Facebook account and was greeted by numerous requests that I join this cause or participate in this quiz. I clicked through a few of them and discovered that they were backed by some pretty large companies. I stopped for a moment and wondered what the future of Facebook might look like. Will we be inundated with these "under the radar" ads? As far as social media sites go I would consider Facebook to be the virgin of the group. Ads and spam are minimal and it is still user friendly enough to be fun to use. Once upon a time Myspace was like that too, but look what happed to it. I realize there are still users, but it has become cest pool of spam and general advertising nastyness. And what about You Tube. It is not quite there yet, but I'm starting to notice more and more ads plastered on top of video. It seems like every form of media has experienced these growing pains. We have seen it with television and radio. Ads were minimal in the beginning, but now we have to sit through over 2 minutes of advertisements. We've learned to deal with it. I'm curious if we will be as willing to "deal" when it comes to our websites.


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