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Why Social Media?

There are limitless possibilities with the web nowadays to get your name out there. Traditional forms of branding (although important and valued) should be complimented with online marketing efforts including social media.

For example, Coca Cola, has a FaceBook page. Pepsi brands itself through viral videos on and pays content producers (users) to plug their product. You can write a tantalizing snippet on just about anything, and if you garner the interest of your audience you'll get "dug" at A "Digg" by the way can potentially bring 1000s of unique visitors to your site in just a few hours. Try comparing that to the overhead of a seminar or conference?

Just recently a popular singer posted a "tweet" to her fans on She said - first person to meet me at "some popular location" would get free tickets to her next concert. Within minutes someone who was following her "tweets" was there to pick up the tickets becuase 100s of thousands of users are following her and can follow any company that begins to build a social media platform.

You may not have a huge audience to start with, but by starting now - your existing and new clients will find it convenient to follow you in THEIR social media platform of choice. The bottom line is that if you are not playing the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter game now - you will be left behind.


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