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Thunderbird tricks to fight spam

Many of us use a desktop email client for our mail, although the switch to using web based apps like gmail/yahoo for mail is quite high many of us still use a desktop email client at least while at work.
Spam is a huge issue that is hard for even the best system admins to stay on top of. I use thunderbird's message filtering features to help manage spam and incoming messages.

One trick I like to use, I setup a filter named "I dont know you". I have thunderbird setup to save any email address that I send to in my address book. Anyone who sends me an email that I respond to, their email goes in the address book. My "I dont know you" filter takes any incoming messages and checks to see if the from email address is in my address book, if it's in my address book it goes straight to the inbox if it isn't the message goes to an "I dont know you" folder. This helps at least keep spam out of my inbox and gives priority to people that I email often and to clients.

To setup a filter like this, in thunderbird, create a folder where you want these messages to go, then go to the menu option Tools -> Message Filters.
Click the "New" button, put in a filter name of your choice, I used "dont know you".

In the first area, choose "from" in the first dropdown, "isn't in my address book" in the second dropdown, and in the third dropdown choose your address book containing all your addresses.

In the second area ( "Perform these actions" )
in the first dropdown, select "Move Message to", in the second dropdown set the folder you created
click ok to save the filter and you should be setup


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