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Digital SLRs and HD Video

A really cool trend in the DSLR still camera market is that of including an HD video mode. While most still photographers could care less, using a "real" camera to shoot video has one major advantage: true depth of field. As I've written about before, video cameras shoot everything very flat, with most everything in the frame being in focus. The only option for true DOF is to make or buy an adapter which can cost more than your camera (without the cost of the additional lenses you have to buy).

A great alternative should be one of these DSLRs that shoot video, but even the manufacturers that also make video cameras (Canon, are you listening?) can't seem to get it right. Why is it so hard to include all the manual features found in still mode, on the video side? Why is there rarely a mic jack? Why, when there is one, is there no manual audio level control? I mean, come on!

The awesome RED company has a "low end" version of their camera coming out called the "Scarlet", but it will run around $4000 and you are stuck with a proprietary hardware set if you want to expand. All I want is a camera that allows true DOF (using common lenses), has complete manual control and won't send me to the poorhouse. Is that too much to ask? Please?


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