Scott Eggleston

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11/09/2009 Good Movies Aren’t Made in a Vacuum
10/28/2009 Locking Envelopes to Events in Sony Vegas
10/14/2009 Not-so ‘Special’ Effects
09/30/2009 YouTube Goes Even Wider?
09/16/2009 Simplicity = Speed
09/10/2009 Practical Magic
09/02/2009 The Merch Church
08/26/2009 Off the Cuff
08/13/2009 The Power of Collaboration
08/07/2009 Slow and Steady Motion
08/05/2009 Real Slow Motion on the Panasonic HMC-150
07/30/2009 The Idea Seed
07/22/2009 Spell Domain Names Correctly, Please
07/17/2009 Digital SLRs and HD Video
07/10/2009 Working with Those Pesky MPEGs
07/02/2009 Why I Like Small Cameras
06/19/2009 The Fast Turnaround of Web Video
06/12/2009 It Doesn’t Matter What You Shoot On
06/05/2009 Web Series or Feature-Length Film?
05/29/2009 The Amazing PVC Rectangle
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