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The Power of Collaboration

Recently an interesting phenomenon took place on YouTube. A group of popular YouTubers banded together to form a channel called "The Station". The first video teaser for their show (which appears to be a sketch comedy show) was an instant hit. Why? Since each participant was already heavily viewed and subscribed to, they simply posted a link at the end of their most recent video to that teaser. It seems simple math that a video can easily generate one million views if ten or so videos that get tens of thousands of views link to it.

It's the old "logs on the fire" paradigm. You can have several burning logs that generate a little heat separately or you can have a bonfire. The latter is obviously more powerful than the former.

It remains to be seen whether The Station sinks or swims. It really doesn't matter. What matters is that these entertainers are combining their significant viewer clout to become even bigger than they can be on their own. It's a great lesson on the power of collaboration and community vs. trying to do everything yourself. Involve others of equal talent and you can really be force to be reckoned with.


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