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Target Your Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a hot topic in the business arena. A true definition continues to be disputed. The originality of the term implies a contagious virus influence. In marketing, it would suggest a self promoting message passed along by people through word of mouth. Truly creating the perfect spark to a viral message with a reaction from your target market is an art.

The genius of this creates an ideal solution for any business. It is cost-effective, testimonial driven, and influences your perceived brand. But, how does viral marketing apply to your business? What kind of spark can you create to engage a self promoting message?

Brainstorming possible solutions is the quick and easy answer. That's only a piece of the puzzle. There's a way to gage the strength of your message. Ashleigh brilliant said, "Good ideas are common - what's uncommon are people who'll work hard enough to bring them about." Work before launch to estimate the reaction of the audience.

You must know your target market inside and out. What are their emotional ties, cultural behaviors, and geographic location? What is the age group, demographic, and ideal medium to use? Generate research and test the reaction of your idea on a smaller scale. This will help fine tune your message. The key is to not just blindly setup the message, but to target viral marketing to your audience. By going through these initial steps you could save time and generate a much larger reaction.



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