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Convert on the Right Key Words

User behavior online can be very predictable. Effective marketers learn to listen and study their target market's routine for surfing the net. The Internet has certainly made this easier with web analytics. We can use analytical tools to help target specific keywords that convert. Users go through a few phases before committing to a purchase. Here's how it works:

Education Phase: Initially the user's search is general. Once they see a few vendors selling different brands, they become educated. A preference is then established.

Preference Phase: Now, they most likely search by a specific preference. Competitors ranked for this phrase are considered. The user may go to a brand's website for example, to learn more. Now they're sold.

Conversion Phase: By the time they reach this phase they are ready to buy. At this point they are most likely just considering options like: free shipping, pricing, reputation, or other promotions. At this point do not create any stumbling blocks. These users are easy prey.

Try to focus your SEO / PPC efforts on specific key word phrases during the conversion phase. Let those "other guys" fight over generickeywords. They will only educate the users for you. When your customer is ready to buy, you'll attract them by a specific key word phrase (that may also be less competitive). Study your target market's behaviors online and strategize an approach. By doing this you're customers will convert on the right key words.


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