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Logo Redesign

logo redesignWhen you mention a logo redesign to any business owner most of them begin to get a little nervous. Everyone understands how powerful a brand can be, and businesses are scared to touch that brand. In many cases they are justified in their fear, but there are many advantages to giving your logo a face lift. One of the main advantages is to improve an outdated or a downright ugly logo, but even logos that may be considered "good" can sometimes use an overhaul.

Over the last two years I have been noticing a fair amount of major companies making some big changes to their branding. This can be seen especially in their logos. These changes may have felt subtle to the average consumer because their names are bigger than their brand, but that's a different blog post. Many of these changes have come out of necessity. Some companies were looking to update their demographic, like Jack in the Box. While others are trying to upgrade their image, like Walmart. It is interesting to watch companies like these try to adjust to the economic climate. A few studies have shown that during down time companies tend to focus more on their brand. I think it is great that these major companies are stepping out of their comfort zone to reevaluate their brand. I think this needs to be a common practice among all businesses.


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