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The Power of Online Videos

According to research performed by Cisco, almost 64 percent of the world's mobile data traffic will be video. In other words, the future of the web is video (according to several sources). How does that relate to your business? Well, I came up with a list of ideas:

What do potential employees and clients find about your company? Users can search online videos to catch a glimpse of the company's workplace, atmosphere, and culture. This may be a selling point (if controlled), for even clients to learn more about you.

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words; what is the value of a video? Displaying photos of your products and services is valuable, but imagine posting videos that sell the process of development or the product in action. Product reviews are extremely helpful in converting users to purchase.

Increase sales conversion with online video (DVD). A sales presentation in combination with video and flash could be a powerful tool. This video can be even more refined than your best sales person. You can make sure that the message is strategized and communicated exactly the way you envision- every time.

Place an interactive spokes-person on your website. Adding a human element to the website can be a powerful way to communicate a message clearly. You can choose the professional and script that will best represent your company and service.

Take your clients on a tour with video. To add value to your service, show them the steps and people involved in production. If you're a mortgage service that touts your great customer service and approach; why not show them how good you really are - in action?

Use the CEO on video to represent your media. Rather than allowing a news organization to drill you with questions, control and prepare a response for people to view. This may also be an effective way to generate a response through press releases. You can control the level of professionalism for your brand.

Consider the value of a video captured during your project. Let's say you received a satisfactory service for a job well-done by a company working for you. Imagine if the completion of a service was coupled with a collection of video shots of employees contributing, commenting, and adding value to your project. This opens up a wealth of information and value you would have otherwise never known. Most companies humbly hide these details. Think about how this would affect referrals made.


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