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A Plug for SEO

Not only is SEO an important aspect of a marketing strategy online, it is foundational to EVERY marketing strategy. In other words, every marketing plan should include an SEO strategy. The reason why, is because nearly everyone searches online- even developing nations. According to Rebecca Lieb (a SEO expert), "If your business fails to be discovered online, it's as bad as not being in the yellow pages - or worse." Yes, I'm even talking to all you old school AAA businesses who survive in the pages.

Do you realize what you're missing out on?

Too many business owners merely hope to be found online (Don't even get me started on businesses who have no presence online at all). Even the most incredible website ever to be designed, is worthless if no one can find it. Admittedly some businesses only want a presence, but even those websites could benefit from search engine results. Try to consider the potential opportunity cost involved.

PPC is a valuable tool and certainly has its place in a marketing budget. The benefit: businesses can strategically create a landing page and control the user's first impression. PPC also allows you to get instant results (if you're website is prepped to convert). The downside: It can be costly and once your budget is spent, your presence is invisible- causing you to miss out on thousands of potential users.

SEO is the answer. With a reasonable budget you can land a great position in Google's organic listings. As long as you can maintain that space, your potential clients will be able to find you day or night. Unlike traditional advertising, users simply click to take the next step. In addition, the "man behind the curtain" (algorithms) that directs this show, is getting smarter. For example, the mention of your website in social media outlets affects "signal data" that will also boost your ranking. What's your SEO strategy?

SEO. Get it done. can help.


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