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Affiliate Marketing

The web continues to provide multiple avenues of opportunity to monetize your website. If you have traffic and target a niche, affiliate marketing could be your best friend. More and more businesses are establishing affiliate programs to sell their products. Publishers in all their variety can partake of these resources if they're smart and sellers can reap the benefits.

Affiliate marketing is a program initiated by a seller to network with other websites to drive traffic and/or increase sales. The "other websites" could be any ordinary site that has cultivated their own community of users. Blog publishers are an ideal example of a website with a level of regular traffic. By enabling a blogger to promote products, a simple link is established to guide an interested user to the seller's page. Commissions are then paid out, based on sales conversion, traffic, or other measured methods.

More than likely, you have a website promoting a product or service. In that case, organize an affiliate program. There are established programs available that allow you to simply sign up with an established network already in place. You can always develop a program yourself based on a commission structure that makes sense. Technically you need to capture and account for users driven to your website. What it all boils down to, is finding valuable websites or bloggers that generate your targeted users. Connect with them and start networking. Make friends and everybody wins.


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