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Good Movies Aren’t Made in a Vacuum

When you start making movies, you tend to do every job required. You write, direct, shoot, edit and probably star in your first few projects. You feel a sense of pride that comes with the fact that since you couldn't find anyone to help you, the movie still got made.

The bad news is that once you really get involved in this process, you'll need help. Not because you can't do it all (you probably can), but you can't do it all well. There are people out there with skills much better than yours in any given area and if you find them, don't let them get away. They will make your production that much better.

Even if you think you could do a better job (at whatever), you're stress level will drop significantly when you delegate. You'll still have to manage all these different people, but when all these talents are firing on all cylinders, look out. You're going to have a great project on your hands.


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