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Photoshop Productivity Tips

Productivity can increase exponentially just with a few simple tricks. These aim to complete common tasks in a fraction of the time it would take to navigate menus. Here are a few tips to help your cruise around Photoshop.

Change Values With the Up and Down Cursor Keys

Almost everywhere you see and drop down field. i.e. font, font size, leading, tracking, etc. can be quickly scrolled through using the up or down curer key. This is handy when you want to compare different options, especially for text.

Increase or Decrease Brush Size

To quickly increase or decrease brush size pres [ or ].

Toggle Visibility on Multiple Layers

Do you have a particular layer you want to isolate? You could click the visibility check box on every layer, but this is time consuming. There is a simple way to toggle multiple layers. Just hold down the option/alt key and click on the eye icon next to the layer. Click again to turn all the layers back on.

Quickly Return Zoom to 100%

This is probably one of the simplest time savers. To return your zoom level back to 100% just double click the zoom tool in your tool palette.


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