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SEO with Link Sharing Time

A great way to increase your web ranking in the top search engines is through link sharing. This is more than just throwing a ton of random links onto a blank page and sitting on them. In order to have link sharing be effective is to have good rich content in those links. Here are some examples of good rich content:
Let's say you want to promote a web design company on your site. You could create a link that says:

An html view would be like this:
<a href="http://"></a>
A lot of search engines give more value to a link if it has keyword content for example:

Utah Web Design

An html view would be like this:
<a href="http://"> Utah Web Design</a>
And finally, title tags on links are important

Utah Web Design (tite tags will display on hover)

An html view would be like this:
<a title="Great place to get a Clean, Simple & Easy website." href="http://" > Utah Web Design</a>


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