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Unibody MacBook Pro Initial Impressions

I just upgraded my MacBook Pro to the new Unibody model. My first impressions are positive. The major standout feature is the quality of design. It feels solid. This comes from the unibody construction. Another upgrade is the speed. The 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor paired with 8 GB of memory makes this laptop scream. The largest psds are no open in seconds vs minutes on my old machine. The new keyboard takes some getting used to. The spaces between the keys can throw you off at first, but I am adapting. The new track pad is smooth and the integrated button is a nice addition. A con, at least for me, is the relocation of all the inputs were moved to the left side of the computer. I guess this makes sense as the mouse usually sits on the right side. The only issue is it can get crowed if you plug in more than a couple peripherals.

On another note I have experienced a noisy hard drive which clicks and beeps ant random intervals. It seems like this is a common problem among the 7200 rpm drives. I took it into the apple store. They didn't seem to think it was a major problem, but are going to replace it anyway. Apple always has exceptional customer service.


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