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How to find your public IP address

You may just be curious or you may be trying to troubleshoot an issue with a service provider. Whatever your reason may be, knowing how to find your public IP address can be handy.

There are ways to look on your computer to find your ip address, but because of devices such as wifi routers this address you find will most likely not be your public ip address.

There are many free services that will tell you what your public ip address is. Your public ip address is what the rest of the world will know your computer as when you visit a website or use services such as email. The most widely known service to find your public ip address is . If you go to this address in your web browser it will very boldly tell you your ip address.

Why would you need your ip address you ask? Well for example, you have forgotten your email password. You try a bunch of combinations of passwords that you think may work. In your attempts to remember your password you start getting a message that your computer can no longer connect to your email server. Many providers will implement security measures that will block a computer when it tries too many wrong passwords. This is used to thwart attempts to guess your password.

In order for your service provider to unblock you, they will probably ask for your ip address.


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