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Taking a screenshot PC and Mac

Sometimes taking a screenshot can be vital in troubleshooting or explaining a problem to someone over the net. Many people do not know how to take a screenshot. Whether you are on a pc or a mac, the process is pretty simple.

For a Mac:

Use the key combination, (command key) shift 4 , this will put your cursor into a crosshair mode where you can select an area of the screen to create an image from. Drag your mouse around the area you want to take a picture of then let go. Mac OS will save the picture to your desktop with a name like "Picture 1.png"

For a PC:

PC is not as simple as the mac, but it's still pretty easy. The first step is to find your "print screen" button on your keyboard. On most standard pc keyboard this button is in the upper right. It may say "prt scr" or "print screen". Hit this button, you will now have a copy of your screen in your clipboard. Open an image editing program such as microsoft paint and then go to the menu Edit->Paste. You can now save this picture and send it to whomever you please.


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