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Why have a company blog?

Blogging is not as new as it seemed a few years ago. Everywhere you look now you see personal blogs, corporate blogs, theme blogs and so on. But why should your company have a blog and who should write on it?

Well for starters it's important to understand the aspects of public relations and marketing in terms of your company blog. To do this you have to understand Google and other search engines. You see - Google LOVES unique content. Just think, if there weren't new pages of content for Google to view every day (actually minute and second), their search results would start to become pretty stale. They love new exciting news posts from online journals and news outlets as well as articles and blog posts that are truly unique. The catch to be listed by Google? Your blog post should to be relevant to your website in some way and it should be unique on the internet. If the blog post is too similar to some other post on the world wide web, then Google won't rank it high in the results.

So let's go back to why. Why you should have a company blog is simple. If you write about your products, services or expertise, AND the content you write is relevant to your visitors AND unique to Google, there's a good chance that you'll get ranked for niche phrases. And company blogs are cheap!

For example, if you landed on this post - you may have been asking this simple question. It's no coincidence that we came up in the searches. And it's no coincidence that we get asked this very question all the time. So by writing the answer in our own blog we may run into a potential lead or client who wants to do business with us because they trust our expertise.

So to make a long answer short: you'll get leads. Simple as that. We blog to share our experience - but the benefits are that you will get exposure and leads. Now there are other benefits as well - but we'll dive into that later. Some of the benefits of a company blog include:

  • Create an archive of information for your own staff
  • Public Relations
  • Web Exposure
  • Cheap distribution
  • RSS feeding to subscriber base
  • Establishing credibility in your industry
  • Categorizing content on your site
  • Ability to search your content
  • Potential clients/leads
  • Blogs are inexpensive (CHEAP!)
  • Many others we'll touch on later.


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