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Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

Most businesses want a clean professional looking site, that will demonstrate to their clients visually that they are up to any challenge. That's important for any business. But don't let that be all your site is about. It's also your chance to give potential clients a look at your "personality." Don't be afraid to throw some fun and creativity into the mix. It doesn't mean your site will be any less professional. Creative touches can range from the extravagant to the simple. One good place to start is your logo. Let your company logo show what you're about, and if you're about fun or creativity let it shine. It's going to be the most common image people will associate with your company. If you're less than enthusiastic about your current logo, now's the time to freshen it up so it can be showcased on your site.

Another place to get creative is in your navigation menus. So long as you're careful not to go over the top with it, a unique menu can really spice up your site. Add fun little images to your links, or think of a cool way to present them that doesn't just follow the norm.

Textures can also be a powerful way to draw people in. How much do you think about the background of your site? Using a cool texture that relates to your company, such as a table cloth for a restaurant, or marble for a counter top company, adds another dimension and makes it more appealing (assuming you do it with enough subtlety) for users who are browsing through.

The point is to create something that will not only advertise your company, but will give users a feel for who you are. If you look like everyone else, no one will remember you.


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