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Supporting Internet Explorer 6

How long can we continue to support IE6? That is a question that has been on the mind of many web designers in recent months. Let's face it IE6 is a relic, and not a good one. I have read a few articles and forum posts by designers stating that they no longer code for IE6. I have even heard of companies charging extra for this additional support. Here at LunaWebs we continue to support IE6, but for how much longer?

Some polls show that there is less than 8% of users still using browsers pre IE7. I don't know how accurate these statistics are, but I am sure they are not too far off. It is true that there are certain demographics that tend to use IE6 over the more modern browsers, some of these include the elderly, children (playing on mom or dads old computer) and even some educational institutions. If one of those groups is included in your target demographic I would continue to support IE6. Other industries like technology and design the audience typically has the latest software, and it may not be necessary to support IE6. So to answer the question, "When do we say enough is enough and stop supporting Internet explorer 6?". For the time being we must rely on our analytics and study our audience. I have a feeling this will be an issue until the final nail is placed in the coffin.


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