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Images and SEO

As we've said before in this blog, when it comes to SEO every little bit helps. So how can you make images work for you? Use keyword relevant file names. Say you have a website about gardening. Come up with a few keywords that you want to rank for and use those in your image names. You can name one image garden-seeds, and another planting-season. Use hyphens or underscores to ensure that the search engines read each word separately rather than all words as one. Match the images to keywords that actually describe them.

The alt tag is another way you can be proactive with your images. While there is some debate about how much the alt tag does for SEO, like I've said, every little bit counts. More importantly, alt tags improve your site's usability. If your image doesn't load or someone is using a screen reader, the alt tag will ensure that you still communicate the idea.

Just remember, don't go overboard with your SEO attempts, especially if it is at the cost of making your site intuitive and usable. The user always come first in your priorities of who to please.


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