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Written Content for Your eCommerce Store

If you run an ecommerce store you know that the best way to drum up business is by being at the top of the search engines. You have all the products, great prices, and a good reputation; maybe now is a good time to focus on content. Even though you're main goal is to sell products, it doesn't hurt to have some real written content on your site either.

Make sure you have a FAQ page. Not only is this good customer service, it gives you a place to put some content. Customer service should be your number one goal, so if you don't have a FAQ page, get to work. Your customers will appreciate it. The nice thing about a question and answer page is that you can update it as you go. Even with the best intentions you won't think to include everything. When customers call or email with questions think about whether they would be good contributions to your page. You'll find that as long as it's a general question and not one about a specific product, than it will be a perfect bit of content.

Set up a blog. Many ecommerce retailers are blogging these days. If you have users seeking you out for advice or the latest trends, odds are they're going to buy something from you too. You don't have to blog everyday, but once a week or so about something that is relevant to your site is a good start. Try to keep up with trends or news and make mention of it, even give product recommendations in your blog. The first step in selling anything is making customers aware of it.

If a blog isn't your thing you can still add content to your site. Build a few pages with some articles that relate to what you sell. Have a page that you update once a year about current trends. Write a page about choosing just the right item. You don't have to be the best writer out there, just write what you know, and I bet you know your business. Pages that will be of interest or help your customers will be the best pages, and they will help you in SEO.


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