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CSS3 Support

As interest in HTML5 and CSS3 heats up, you may be wondering when you'll finally get to implement them in your own code. They can seem almost unusable right now due to cross browser support issues. Many of us are still stuck supporting IE6 and can't imagine trying to code with new standards that are iffy in even the most recent browsers. Wide support is coming, though it may take a bit of time yet.

On the bright side there are people out there with the goal of making CSS3 usable right now. The hardest part about using CSS3 is figuring out the vendor prefixes. Vendors have developed their own version of some CSS3 rules to allow developers to begin using them. The problem is that they aren't valid CSS code, and they can be annoying to keep up on. To make it easier on all of us, there are people out there who have created JavaScript libraries for CSS3, which allow you to code as normal and take care of the pesky vendor prefixes for you. They even promise to make it easy to degrade for older browsers. Some even include support for HTML5. Of course nothing is perfect. This won't work for any user who has JavaScript turned off, which can cause problems.

I have yet to use one myself, but it's nice to know the option is available, and that there are strides being taken to make CSS3 more widely used. Eventually we will have to start using CSS3 no matter what. The real question is when that will be. For some of us, it might be right now.


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