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The Multimedia Multi-Tool

I recently upgraded my beyond outdated cell phone to the new iphone 4. All I have to say is wow. I can't believe what I have been missing. The main determining factor for upgrading was in the camera and video improvements they made in this version. I like the idea of always having a decent video and still camera on me at all times. I can't lug my DSLR around with me everywhere.

There are all kinds of apps that go well with the iphones imaging capability. One of my favorites right now is Hipstamatic. It produces images that harken back the the off color images produced by the "toy" cameras of the 60s and 70s. It is not ideal for all situations, but is a lot of fun and give your photos that unique feel. Another fun app for video is VintageMaker. This app processes your videos to give them that vintage feel. You can even create the fast paced, choppy, black and white videos of the early 20th century. It even adds the piano music over the top so you can make your very own Charlie Chaplin movies. Once again Apple has exceeded my expectations with it's 21st century Swiss Army knife.


09/07/2011 3:00pm
It's like you're on a msiison to save me time and money!

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