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How to: Ten Easy Ways To Get Amazing Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to increasing revenue and conversion and they definitely aren’t something any good business (or business website) can afford to be without. Unfortunately many people ignore this fundamental aspect of marketing simply because they don’t know how to get testimonials from their clients or because the ones that they do have aren’t of very good quality. So I’ve put together ten quick, simple, and easy things that you can do to get raving testimonials  from your clients that you can use on everything from websites, to landing pages, to flyers and brochures. Follow the advice below and you’ll have killer testimonials in no time.


#1 Ask.

Great Testimonials

It’s amazing how many opportunities for great testimonials get passed up simply because people are too afraid to ask for them. If you’ve done great work for a client then don’t hesitate when it comes to asking for referrals, recommendations, or helpful testimonials. Sometimes all it takes is asking to break the ice and then you’ll have a great testimonial to use in your marketing efforts. Work through any fears you may have about asking for testimonials, remind yourself how awesome your services are, and in no time you’ll have plenty of clients raving in testimonials about your work.


#2 Make It Simple.

A lot of clients simply aren’t gifted with words and won’t know how to describe your products or services in a way that really turns the light on for potential customers on your end - and can you blame them? Your clients have their own work to do and writing a testimonial for you isn’t usually high on the list. So make it simple for them. Get a form made up and put it on your website or get a text version for your email. Send the form out or direct them to the website and ask them to spend just ten minutes filling it out. This allows you to control what questions they answer so that you have a pre-written structure for your testimonials that you can use to your advantage.

#3 Give It Away.

The best way to get feedback on a new product or service? Give it away. It might sound counterproductive - after all how are you supposed to make money - but what really happens is that you build the trust and confidence of potential clients or buyers by allowing them to see that others have gone before them and they loved what they got from you. No one likes to be the first to step out into something new so reassure your future clients by showing them glowing testimonials from those who came before them and the way to get those first testimonials is to simply (and cost effectively!) give away your product.

#4 Get It Reviewed.

Get in contact with authorities in your field and ask them to give you a review. If you have a high quality service or product and you approach the right people, kindly and without being obnoxious you should be just fine doing this. Look towards the experts in your field and ask them to take a look at what you’re offering and give them a review if possible. Make it as easy as possible for them without expecting too much. Don’t be discouraged if they don’t have time though, just keep trying.

#5 Ask The Right People.

Don’t go asking your most pesky and high maintenance clients for reviews. That won’t get you anywhere. Instead ask your most satisfied and happiest clients - not just because you’ll get a good review from them but because these are usually the most professional people. Clients that you have to spend a lot of time and effort “managing” aren’t going to be your best bet. Ask people that have had a lot of experience working with you and will be able to give good example when recommending you as well.

#6 Know What You Want.

Go into these conversations with your clients with a firm and clear idea of what you want. Are you looking for reviews of your products? What about recommendations on reliability? Someone that feels like your pricing was really competitive? What are you looking to shine a light on when it comes to your services or products? Know this in advance and ask questions that lead your clients into discussing these things in a positive light. Don’t put words in their mouths just make it as simple as possible for you to get the type of testimonial you want.

#7 Give Incentives.

If you’re really desperate for testimonials you can always give incentives to your clients to make them more likely to follow up and to give you a better review. Little things like an extra hour of work billed for free, a ten percent discount on their next purchase, or a link to their website from your testimonial page is usually enough to encourage them to spend a few minutes working on a testimonial for you.

#8 Make It Automatic.

Every time you finish a project or close up a deal send have an automatic form sent to your client or customer asking them to review your product or write a testimonial. Make it automatically go out from your inbox each and every time so there isn’t any wondering about whether or not that client has been asked to write a testimonial.

#9 Make It A Habit.

Every time you get on the phone with a client that hasn’t written a review for you be sure to ask them for one. Not just once in a while - every single time. Make it a habit and get used to doing it constantly. Repetition gets results. Make sure that you’re approaching all your good clients asking for testimonials, and that you’re doing it repeatedly. Sometimes it may take a few tries before they’re willing or have time to write you one.

#10 Make It Easy.

A big hang-up for people when it comes to testimonials is that many of us don’t like writing them or don’t know what to say. Make it easy for your clients by taking the writing work out of it for them. Encourage them over the phone to just give you some generals and explain to them the format you usually put your testimonials in so they don’t feel like you’re going to take free reign with their voice and write whatever you want. Get some key points by using questions that you’ve already set up and plug it into your testimonial structure. Take the work of it away from your client and then once you’ve written it up just send them a quick email to run it by them and make sure it’s ok.

Testimonials are not difficult and they can be a huge advantage for your business so begin using some of these methods to build up a nice collection of amazing testimonials to show potential clients. Soon you will have plenty of them to show off and you'll wonder how you ever did without them.


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