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eReader Evolution

The e-reader wars reached a all time high when Apple release the iPad. The race to have the best and shiniest e-reader/hand held computer is producing some interesting things, and a lot of them are not even book related.

I currently own a Nook, which is the Barnes and Noble version of the e-reader. I love the convenience of it and as they upgrade it's software features I like it even more. One thing I found interesting is that many of the newest Nook features have nothing to do with reading books. The latest upgrade marked the release of their beta browser. This goes to show that web viewing platforms are ever increasing. You are no longer only dealing with computers and cell phones, but all kinds of other mobile web browsing hardware as well.

Admittedly the Nook browser is not the greatest I've seen. It can be a bit akward to navigate pages on it, since they show up in black and white on the main screen, and you have to navigate the smaller colored version that shows up on the touch screen on the bottom. Regardless, it's an interesting development for e-readers as they try to be more than just niche devices. Having that feature is also nice for those people who travel and do not have a phone capable of web browsing or those who do not want to lug their laptops around with them all the time.


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