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Email Marketing is the Way to Go

Email marketing is a great way to keep customers interested and even draw in new business. Contrary to what some people may think, it really isn’t that hard to do either.

You might wonder how to get started. Well, the great thing about your website is that you can unobtrusively place an email capture somewhere on you main page. Ask users to sign up for your newsletter. You might be surprised how many people give you their email address even though they don’t actually buy anything at the time. This means they are interested in the potential of your company. Perhaps someday you can do something for them. Now it’s your turn to convince them that you really can do something for them. Capturing an email means that even though someone has left your site, they will still remember you every time they get an email, and that means they are more likely to return to you.

One of the most common things to do is send out an email that shows current deals, sales, and promotions. You have probably seen these kinds of emails countless times from a variety of retail companies. It works for them, and it can work for you. Use this strategy to get the word out about awesome deals your company has to offer.

Sending out your company newsletter is also a great email marketing strategy. People have given you their email because they are interested in what you offer. Use your newsletter to communicate company news to potential customers. A newsletter is a great way to show what your company is up to and to show off any new work you have done, products you have added, or contributions to the community that you have made. This is your chance to show off and grab the interest of potential customers. Put in articles of interest and even recommendations. If you give them something good to read, they will reward you by purchasing from your company.

LunaWebs can guide you through getting started and help you with your very own email campaign. Contact us now for more information.


baron purselley
09/24/2010 7:40am
i would be interested in getting a quote on doing an emial marketing piece that lets customers know about my pool protection plan (fall preventative maintenance service) you can reach me at baron [at]

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