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My PHP Development Environment

Recently I had a computer upgrade here in the office and had to move my files to a new and improved computer. In the move I had to install all the software I use on a regular basis to work and develop sites. As I installed the different software, I documented most of the applications that I installed and setup. In case you were looking for a great open source app or curious about what other developers use in their development environments. I have compiled that list for you to take a look at.

  • wamp - apache mysel and php
  • setup apache configuration with ssl
  • hMailserver - simple free smtp server for windows
  • mysql gui admin tools
  • gimp - image editing from time to time
  • firefox - main browser of choice
  • firefox firebug extension - great for troubleshooting layout issues
  • firefox autofill forms extension - great for testing forms
  • safari - needed for cross browser testing
  • google chrome - cross browser testing
  • microsoft virtual pc - used with IE6 image for cross browser testing
  • xp sp3 ie6 virtual pc image - cross browser testing
  • skype - video and voice calls
  • thunderbird - email
  • 7zip - used to extract and create tarballs
  • subversion - source control
  • putty - ssh into our servers
  • pidgin - Instant messaging
  • winscp - copy files securely between desktop and servers
  • scite - IDE used for HTML/CSS/PHP
  • filezilla - ftp client
  • camstudio - screen capture for tutorials/explanations
  • debugmode wink - screen capture for tutorials/explanations
  • pdf creator - driver to print directly to pdf
  • VLC/videolan - useful to play multiple video formats
  • adobe pdf reader - a must


10/12/2010 1:10pm
Just my two cents on a couple of programs in my toolbox. 1. Snipping Tool - great for grabbing images without having to crop a screen shot in an editing tool. Just copies in real-time anything you indicate on your desktop. 2. WinMerge - awesome compare tool. Use to compare files on the server with local files to see differences highlighted in your code. 3. Trillian - similar to pidgin - chat client for multiple chat programs.

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