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Viral Marketing: Creating A Successful Twitter Campaign

We always recommend that our clients get involved in various aspects of social media and link their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc... pages right on their website. It seems simple enough: you log in to twitter and get some free promotion by sending regular tweets, right? In reality, developing a successful Twitter campaign takes time, effort and dedication. In addition to keeping posts short, witty and descriptive, here are a five other tricks you can use to help to increase your Twitter following, in addition to the traffic to your website.

  • Know your industry (and your competitors) - Knowledge is power and it is especially true in this instance. See what works and what doesn't in your industry. By spending time observing other campaigns, you'll quickly begin seeing patterns as to what people like. Using a Twitter search engine such as, topsy, allows you to see what is considered big news in specific industries and what is currently trending.


  • Support your tweets with blog posts - Interesting articles and 'how to' guides are a dime a dozen on twitter for a reason: they work. By providing short, 'teaser' messages and including a link to your site, you will increase interest on the topic at hand. In turn, this leads to an increase in followers and it will also lead traffic to your website.


  • Keep your name out there - Tweet often and tweet quality messages. Chances are you may have trouble coming up with things to say on a daily basis which is why you should create lists. Compile interesting articles, tips, references to your blog, and other helpful information as it relates to your industry. It will give you an opening on those days where you're stumped on what to say.


  • Be responsive! One of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing not to monitor what people say about you or to you. In addition to keeping an eye on what is being said, you also need to reply. If someone offers you support, thank them. If they need help, attempt to offer a solution. People like it when you interact with them, especially after you've become influential. Doing so develops loyalty on the part of your followers and alliances with people in your industry. In turn, they are likely to remember you and your business for their future needs.

And finally...

  • Keep it real - Simply put, no one likes spammers. Users can tell when you only tweet with the sole purpose of receiving something in return and they don't like that. Honesty and keeping it real are your assets. Avoid spamming people and tweeting only about your business. Try to have a bit of fun on social media and remind your followers that there is a real person behind the tweets.


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