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Blogging For any Web Based Company


So we’ve all heard the term blogging before but what exactly is blogging? Wikipedia describes blogging as a website or part of a website with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events or other material such as graphics or video. Essentially a blog is a public diary of sorts for companies or individuals to promote their ideas, share their life, and stay connected.

This raises questions like how do I blog?

 Blogging can be an awesome tool for companies to stay in touch with their clients and vendors. A blog can be especially beneficial to web based companies because there isn’t a lot of interpersonal communications; blogging can bridge that gap between company and client.

Here are a few tips to a successful blog.

Know your audience: If you’re a web design company and you’re blogging about cooking, you’re going to confuse your readers. They’re looking at your blog because they want to learn about your company and the things that you do. Make sure you are aware of who is reading your blog so you can gear your content toward them and their interests.

Blog about a central theme: Again, don’t go blogging about crafts and DIY projects when you are an advertising or marketing company. You want to focus your posts on YOUR Company and YOUR services. Of course, you can throw in some random blogs here and there for entertainment purposes but you should always revert back to your main or central theme.

Be informative but not overwhelming: Not all of us are well educated in the practices of your particular company. You should explain your practices in terms that everyone will be able to understand. Also; adding links to your post can be extremely helpful to those who need more back round on what you’re post is about.

Be funny! Not everyone wants to spend their rainy days reading computer jargon but most of us know that it is a necessary evil in today’s increasingly technological world. So make it fun to learn about what you do!

Never stop learning. Research your topic, even if you think you know all there is to know. Find different perspectives, ideas, and outcomes of whatever you’re topic may be. Knowledge is power and having a variety of different outlooks will promote greater traffic to your blog.

Finally, do not be afraid to self promote! That’s what this blog is all about, remember? Talk about your company, its employees, projects you’re working on, promotions, anything that you think your readers would be interested in. It’s about your company and generating a positive outcome is entirely up to you!


10/15/2010 11:09am
I like this Keijah! It's important to remember to keep it fun, and easy to understand. This shows clients that you're not complicated and can easily communicate in a way they will comprehend.
10/15/2010 11:13am
All very strong points!
10/19/2010 10:49am
You can point out a lot of spam blogs now. People just posting reiterated content of another's post to try and sell advertising. If you see more ads on the page then actual content - red flag that it's junk or plagiarism.

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