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Keeping it Real: Adding A Personal Touch to Your Website

Have you ever noticed how many websites come across as being a bit impersonal?

You have seen things like:

  • The text feels too scripted,
  • The photos are obvious stock photos
  • Personality is often lacking.

All of these things can be a major turn-offs to potential customers. If they don't feel a connection to the product or service being offered, the less likely they are to purchase the product or enlist your services.

Here are a few tips you may try to engage customers with only a few simple methods.

Use Relevant Photos

As the famous saying goes, 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' This is very true when it comes to the design of your website; photography is one of the quickest ways to connect with your visitors. From the time they land on the homepage, visitors are making judgments. What is this website about? Is this really for me? Why should I keep browsing? You can answer these questions quickly through the use of strong photography. More than copy, great photos will set the tone for the information to come.

Leave the Stock Photos to Students

Everyone has seen that 'one photo'. It's on the billboard when you're driving into work. It's on the postcard from the mortgage company in your mailbox. It's probably graced a flyer or three. In other words, this photo is everywhere. Over used stock photography can cause an immediate disconnect with your website users. The users should feel like the photography on your website was taken solely with your brand in mind. You need to get creative. And remember, since you need unique images, your best bet is often going to be taking your own photographs.

Speak to Your Users

All copy should feel personal. Potential clients are not stupid; they appreciate it when you talk to them, rather than at them. Ask questions, address them personally, and let them know who you are and for what your brand stands.

Humor is your friend

Not only do people enjoy a good laugh, it also humanizes your organization. When used correctly, a funny quip can really help you to connect with your audience. That being said, know your audience. What is humorous in one industry may be a terrible faux pas in another. Always remember to whom you're speaking.

Text is great, video is better

Like humor, video adds a more human element to your site. More than that, visitors love that which is interactive. Do not hesitate to tap in to that by adding video where it makes sense.


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