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Apple Viral Campaign Continued

This is a continuation from the original blog post "Teasing Visitor Traffic to Come Back".

Well if you came to this post - you see how curiosity can drive user "return" traffic.

By simply teasing the user - you can get more page views and actually entice users to create links to your website when something is exciting enough.

In this case - Apple has a userbase that has been trained to expect big things whenver Apple makes an announcement (i.e. Ipad, Iphone, etc.)  Apple visitors knew there must be something big going on so they told their friends, tweeted on twitter, facebooked messages, emailed and even created links to the site on their web pages and blogs.  Pretty cool free PR.  And maybe we even got a page view from it.


Ok disclaimer (we use Apple computer's here at Luna - I just happen to be a PC guy).


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