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Windows 7 Sound Annoyances - open folder and logon logoff

This is a short post on my new Windows 7 Operating System Sounds.

I just got a new PC and I'll admit I do like the new version of Windows compared to Vista and of course the old dreaded XP. The problem is - there are some annoying sounds.

Instead of just turning off my desktop theme altogether - I wanted to turn off a couple of sounds that are annoying and frankly don't sound right for the action taking place.

They are:

  • open folder sound
  • Logon windows sound
  • logoff windows sound

I didn't mind the cool guitar logon sound - but after a while it got old quick. When your co-workers start teasing you about your pc noises - it's time to start taking action.

It's actually pretty easy to turn them off.

  1. Right click your desktop
  2. Click personalize
  3. Click sounds

Now disable the sounds you don't like. Most of them are pretty straight forward by the label.

The open folder sound however is not labeled "open folder" it's called "start navigation" ..go figure.

Good luck.


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