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Social Media & SEO

Social Media & SEO

Google recently updated their algorithm to include more pages from the same websites in their search results. This is expected to have a positive effect on websites that are “liked” and “tweeted” through social media. In addition, it has been reported that Google is paying more attention to social media links for consideration in page ranking. Understanding and utilizing these changes is crucial to successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The intent is to give a higher ranking to reputable websites with relevant content and thus connecting the user with the best website for their search. Having multiple social media users linking to your site can be good for your site's page rank. Remember though not to abandon quality for quantity. For example, getting 100 back-links to your website from poorly-ranking or non-reputable sites can hurt your own page rank.

The goal is the same for social media. The more reputable/established your likes and followers, the better they are for the ranking of your site in Google searches. In other words, well-networked people strengthen your network. Makes sense right?

“How do I make this work for my website?”

If you haven’t already, integrate social media into your site. Having “Like”, “Tweet this” or “Digg” buttons allow your users to quickly share your website on their preferred social platform. Integrating a blog to update automatically to Facebook or Twitter is another simple way of providing the opportunity for your users to help you build your site’s reputation.

Once you have these tools in place, the key is then relevant content and interaction with your users. Post material with calls to action. Have fun with it and your users will have fun too.

“Hmmm, I’m busy and that sounds like a lot of work. Can’t someone else do it?”

Let us do your SEO work for you, it’s our favorite! While you focus on your product, we will focus on getting you connected with the right customers who are looking for YOUR product.

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