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Controlling spam submissions on your website

It is no news, spam is a big problem for everyone. There are many options to choose when controlling spam submissions on your website. If you have a forum, contact form, quote form, message form, blog comments, etc, then you need some way to deal with spam submissions on those collections sources. Many sites require you to register as a user before you can submit content to them, this can curtail some spam but as spam bots become more complicated they can get through many of the registration processes. Here are some ideas/methods that can help prevent spam on registration and on data collection sources.

  • require registration before submittal - many times a spam bot will not go through the trouble or just simple not have the programming to deal with a registration requirement.
  • captcha - we all know those little security images
  • blacklists - you can maintain a list of keywords or email addresses that should be blocked from the submission forms. the submission forms will need to be programmed to check the submission against the blacklist
  • third party spam detection services - there are third party services ( like askimet ) that have a lot of rules they maintain that can be used to detect spam. Their exact implementation is kept secret, but they usually have APIs that you can utlize to check submissions against. Again, just like with the blacklists, the submission forms have to be programmed to check the submission data against the third party api.


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