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Websites Tend To Be Big

The average website contains around 273 pages. Out of all of those pages how do we know which ones have the content we are truly looking for? Even a smaller web site with 50 -100 pages can seem like a lot of information to wade through.

Though some websites seem to have an infinite number of pages, most of them are there to support just one main idea or a small handful of ideas.

Your Users Need Direction

No matter how large or small your website is, your users will need some initial guidance to get to them to the areas that will provide the most meaningful experience and encourage return visits. This guidance is called a Call to Action

2 Questions Every User Needs Answered

Imagine that every user asks themselves the following two questions when they get to any home page:

  1. What is this web site for?
  2. What am I supposed to do?

Page Abandonment

If those two questions are not answered quickly and effectively, they will likely give up and try somewhere else. On average this page abandonment happens after just 4 seconds.

What will your call to action be?

For an e-commerce site, the call to action will be a button that directs them to the Product section where they can browse and purchase merchandise, for a service-oriented website, all roads lead to the Free Quote section.

Homepage Call To Action

On the homepage, one of the first things your eye is drawn to is the link to Sign-Up For Updates. This call to action is a little larger in size and has priority over the others. Users are subtly encouraged to pay attention this link first before they start searching the navigation and other links.

Much of the time, your users will bypass viewing the homepage, usually because they found the page through a search engine. Naturally it is a good idea to have calls to action on your sub pages as well.

Subpage Call To Action

A customer who finds the subpage through a search engine sees an invitation in the left column encouraging them to visit the Get Involved. Donate section of the site.

Determine where your users’ attention will be best served on your site and direct them there before you lose their attention.

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