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Downy Screw UP! The PR Blunder of 2011

Downy screwed up!

If something is going well with your product line, you don't have to change it.

Downy recently changed their "original" fabric softener only to find that customers are upset with the change.

What's worse, instead of just making a new product to test the market with, they replaced the original. I think they could have learned from other brands like Pepsi and Coke, that you just don't mess with the original that loyal customers are used to.

I would call Downy the the marketing blunder of 2011.

Take a look at their own downy negative feedback from their loyal customers.

Here's a sample - seems like feedback keeps pouring in.

Upset Downy Customers have even made a Facebook page to protest.

I feel sorry for the Ad agency or marketing team that let this fly. They may not be employed much longer. Should be interesting to see how fast they pull the product and replace it with the original.


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