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Fresh Site Launch: Life Coach Network

Life Coach Network

LUNA just launched a fresh site, Life Coach Network. Life Coach Network is an accessible, all-inclusive resource for life coaches from around the globe.

Register. Life coaches from all walks of life can register, browse tips, and connect with other life coaches from mutliple locations.

Browse. People searching for life coach services can browse the online directory by category and read every listed life coach bio before making a connection.

Connect. In addition, anyone can join the ongoing conversation about life coaching by reading the frequently updated life coach blog, or by signing up for the Life Coach Newsletter.

With Life Coach Network, you can find a life coach almost anything, no matter where you are in your current life walk.

Life Coaching for All Walks of Life

With the launch of, LUNA hopes to make the process of understanding and accessing life coaching a little bit easier.

The life coach directory is categorized by life coach type, allowing you to search for specific kinds of life coaches.

In conjunction to the directory, we've pooled our efforts into creating a database of resources, articles, tips, and advice on life coaching.

Take a minute to peek through the site. Browse our listings. Read one of our life coaching articles.

You can find everything you need here:


06/21/2011 12:55pm
Life coaching motivates, inspires the people. It helps to concentrate on the goals and also helps to achieve the goals. It helps to accept the challenges and also tell us, how to manage or handle that challenges? You can face that challenges more positively and confidently.

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