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Utah: The Best Snow AND SEO

Big Companies Finding SEO Expertise in Utah

Utah is more than delicate arches and the best snow on earth.

SEO is exploding across the Wasatch Range, becoming the new hot topic for internet marketing firms everywhere.

Recently, large companies such as Adobe and Twitter have begun building headquarters in Utah - a premonition that Utah is staged to become one of the leading locations for national and international SEO.

On June 29, will be visiting one of many cities from around the world for an all-things SEO event called MozCation. Word has it that Salt Lake City could be a top choice for this huge event, competing with major cities like Denver, Austin, three cities in Spain, and Lima, Peru.

As a leading location for international and national SEO, Salt Lake City would be an ideal location to host this convention.

LUNA: Leaders in the Search Engine Optimization Industry

LunaWebs is one of the leading SEO firms in the Utah industry. Our SEO services thrive within an environment that is conducive to SEO; our Utah SEO experts have the kind of insight that only comes from an area immersed in search engine optimization and social media. Check out our Utah SEO page for more details on SEO, social media , and all things internet-marketing related!


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