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Do You Trust the Internet? Statistics Say Yes

Shoppers Trust the Internet More Than TV or Print Advertising

People are shopping until they drop - online.

Today, shoppers trust the internet more today than they trust their local mall. Recent surveys have shown that people are more willing to spend their money by shopping online than at a physical retail location.

Why? Because we live in the information age.

Here's some staggering statistics: Two out of three people prefer researching a product online, followed next by magazines and lastly by television.

People trust television less than they trust traditional print advertising and marketing!

Because the internet is the global information station, buyers can research just about anything before buying it, completely eliminating the "impulse" factor that shopping malls have been thriving on for years.

What Does the Internet Have that Traditional Advertising Doesn't?

People like a good bargain, and will search until they find it. Online shopping lets consumers compare prices, read reviews, and sleep on a decision before making it.

So what does this mean for marketing? We've known for a long time that the internet is the new pallette for marketing, trumphing traditional print advertising by a long shot.

Today, everything is online;  we socialize online, we read online, and if we could, we'd probably work out online!

For retailers, this means that they have to start catering to online audiences. They need user-friendly sites, mobile sites, mobile aps, social media pages, and competitive SEO campaigns.

Long gone is the era of impulsive purchasing; welcome the age of online competition and a smarter consumer.

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