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How Well Do You Know Your Online Audience?

Fact: Internet searchers judge a website within five seconds of visiting it.

This means that your site has to snag the attention of your audience the first time they see it. You may have the best looking website on the planet, but knowing what makes your audience tick can make or break a potential conversion.

Ask yourself this question: Exactly who is your online audience? Mothers? Middle-aged men? College students? Is your site something this audience would find attractive?

The Breakdown of Targeting an Online Audience

There are a few ways to appeal to your target audience. First and foremost, simplify. The easier your site is for people to navigate, the better chance they'll stay. Don't overdo your site; simple and sleek is optimal for conversions.

Make your site design consistent. Are all of your pages and subpages in the same format? Is the content checked for grammer? If your site looks cohesive and organized, consumers will assume that your business is, as well.

Think about your site's homepage for a minute. If you only have five seconds to make an impression on an internet searcher, what would you change? Does your site make the right impression for your online audience?

When it comes down to it, knowing who your audience is, and being able to successfully appeal to this audience can substantially increase traffic and conversions to your site.

So, how well do you know your online audience?

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