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Used Restaurant Equipment Classifieds Site

We recently launched a used restaurant equipment site call Restaurant Equipment Listings.

The site engages Luna's listing manager technology which allows restaurant owners to quickly post their used restaurant supplies for free or for a fee.

Features of the site include the ability for users to post their old commercial restaurant supplies and equipment without the need to know html. Visitors can also search the front end of the website to find restaurant counters, refridgerators, pizza ovens and more by category or keyword search.

The website engages SEO technology as well with automated URL rewrites for search engines to crawl.

One of my favorite aspects of the site is teh ability to automatically update Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn through the social media module.


Neil Stone
09/30/2011 8:14am
I really love the design and the way that you have crafted this website. It is very unique and tailored to people interested oven and restaurant equipment and proves to be very successful. Great work you have done here.Such a well designed site, I get excited when I see a great website and this one especially because I have an oven website myself . I was also browsing the your site "restaurant equipment listings" and noticed some of the ovens look newer and are still at awesome prices! Are some ovens the ovens posted on your site new as well?

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