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Cultivating and Nuturing Strong Leads

In the field of web design, our business is entirely dependent on attracting qualified, strong leads, and making them our clients. Now, as anyone in sales can tell you, this is ultimately one of the most challenging, and at times, frustrating parts of the job. People don't want to talk to you, your sales department is focused on other things, potential clients avoid your calls... there are plent of reasons as to why people tell you it is so difficult. What those people most likely lack? A plan.

It sounds simple enough. Call people. Set up a meeting. Seal the deal. Oh how we wish it worked that way. The truth is, it takes multiple connects to establish a relationship with your perspective clients.

I've found that part of what makes a phone call or meeting successful, is letting a prospective client see that you're interested in them and their business. I speak with quite a few perspective clients each day, and on the surface, it can seem daunting. For some, it may also be the type of task that they will want to get through as quickl as possible. To tell you the truth, this is one of the best parts of my day. Taking the time to get to know perspective clients will only work in your favor, and more than that, it's going to make your job so much more fun.

One final piece of advice? Be yourself. This is one I cannot stress enough. Perspective clients are going to know if you're phony or uninterested, so truly be passionate about your product and what you're selling.


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