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A Strong Website Makes A Strong First Impression

your websiteSo you've decided to look in to creating a website for your business. You've looked at various options, met with multiple designers, and been quoted a whole range of prices. Chances are, the expense is likely to be one of the considerations you will take in to account when selecting your firm. This is understandable. That being said, one thing I tend to hear a lot when speaking with perspective clients is, 'We had a designer, but he was extremely cheap, and well, I finally figured out you get what you pay for. We were hoping you would be able to finish the job.' 


Creating a new website is certainly going to be an investment. It will take energy, time, and yes, money. Given the current economic state, small businesses are trying to save money anywhere they can. Alot of times, they will cut corners on design because they feel they just need something. I am telling you, don't just dive in. Here are a few things to consider as you get started.

  • What type of image to I want to project?

Simply put, you are building a brand. Because your website is frequently the first stop for many perspective clients, now is not the time to make a lackluster first impression.

  • Focus on the long-term.

For many people, creating a new website from scratch every year is not on the adgenda. This is all the more reason that you should begin with a website that will create a positive statement for your clients. Investing in your brand will result in cultivating stronger leads.

  • Consider building in stages.

Because larger website projects can be high in cost, talk to your designer about possibly building the site in stages. In doing so, you will be able to budget accordingly, but still have a quality web presence.


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