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Utah SEO - Marketing your local business online, the right way.

Utah SEO - Online Businesses in Utah

 What is SEO, and why is it important to Utah Businesses?

                You may have heard the phrase "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO) lately. It has turned in to somewhat of a buzz word. Many Utah Companies are turning to SEO companies to assist them in marketing their websites.  There are thousands of businesses in Utah, big and small. Some of these companies are in competition of each other, and some of them are unique to the state, and have little to no competition. Some of these websites may show up on what is called a "Search Engine Results Page", otherwise known as SERPs. Search engines use their results pages by ranking a variety of websites by many different variables. Utah SEO optimized websites are designed with these said variables with elements on their website, usually rank higher than their competitors. For example, a company may be in competition for the keyword "Utah Web Design". There may be dozens of Utah Web Design companies, however, the Utah SEO optimized website will outperform his or her competition. There are many variables to optimizing your website to be a Utah seo website.

Compete against other Utah SEO businesses

                If you plan on optimizing your Utah business with seo elements, you have many different approaches available. One of the primary focuses is what is called "on site seo". On site SEO is usually performed within the websites html. There are many different tags in which complete the html code, and some of the most important tags are listed below:


                1. Title: Your title tag. This is the area of text that names the page. This text also shows up on search engine results pages. For example, if you have a webpage called "Utah SEO", then that phrase would show up as "Utah SEO" on the search engine results pages.


                2. Metas: You have two important Metas. Your first and most important meta tag is called the meta description. This is where you write a brief description about the page. Remember, to keep it specific to        the webpage you are working on. Usually, it looks like this: "Utah SEO is a Utah web design company that provides excellent customer service and support...". This text also shows up on search engines results pages, usually underneath the title.


                3. Headings: These are also very important elements. Heading tags look like "H1, H2, H3, H4". Once you learn more about HTML, it will all make more sense. Heading tags represent titles or a more specific focus on what kind of content you can expect on the page. Usually, headings will be a sentence in length, and contain keywords appropriate to your webpage.


                The above techniques are just a basic overview about on page search engine optimization. There are many Utah SEO optimized companies online, which is why it is imperative that your websites are properly designed and  coded to attain optimal performance. Search engines like websites that have taken the above guidelines into consideration, and may preference them over competing sites.            


                Finally, the most important thing to remember when creating and designing your website, including using the above methods to optimize your website, is to create good content. Having a website rich with content about your business is key to your business. Your businesses online presence is not only scanned by robots and search engines, but it is also viewed and read by real people. Remember, there are many Utah SEO firms within the region, and making sure they follow the proper technique is key to having a number one ranked site.


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