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How to explain SEO

 Explaining SEO to a client, friend, or employer is easier than you think

Think fast! Someone asks you, "Hey, What is SEO?". What do you say? Do you quickly reply "Search Engine Optimization" and leave it like that? No, because there is so much more to SEO than that. Using analogies to explain SEO have seemed to work for me in the past, although when writing about it, I usually just go right into it. Here are the basics:

On Site optimization involves making sure your website is up to "code". This is important because search engines like Google have certain elements they look for. They also have a set of guidelines. The guidelines state that the website should be clean, with a nice structure and easy to follow navigation. It also states that having certain HTML elements, such as titles, and headings, should be relevant to your webpage. When doing On Site SEO, it is important to remember that using these elements, while maintaining a quality, informative website, relevant to your target audience is key to your SEO success.

Off site optimization has to do with getting your website indexed and found properly. It usually involves getting your website listed in directories, and other relevant places. Becoming a part of the community your website represents, by visiting blogs, and forums will gain some attention. Other ways are to release Press Releases about your company, and have new content, or content from your website, syndicated across the internet. This allows the search engines to see what others are saying about you. When they see this, they will rank you on their search engine page appropriately.

SEO can also utilize Social Media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Not only is it good to gain a following using these tools, usually with your customers or clients, but it also allows you to provide quick and efficient updates. It lets the world know that you are dynamic and able to communicate quickly.

These are just a few ways to keep your website search engine optimized. For more info visit Utah SEO


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