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Article Spinning is Dangerous

I've said this for some time, but it's great to finally see other experts backing my opinion.

If you spin articles in an attempt to fool Google - you'll eventually pay for it.

For those of you who don't know what article spinning is I'll offer a simple explanation.

Article Spinning is rewriting the same articles to look "unique" by swapping out words with similar words.

This is BAD however. Don't do it.

Find out if your SEO company engages in this practice and question their methodology.

If you do - you may end up loosing rank on some of your currently ranked pages.

You see...Google likes unique content. SEO firms have found they can "spin" articles using software to replace words and in turn create 100's of unique articles from the same content. In essence - the article is the same, but by swapping out the word "picture" with "image" - the search engines think the article is unique.  This works right now, but the algorithims that Google uses to offer it's users unique content are getting smarter every day. They are beginning to reverse engineer these "spinned" articles.

If you want to rank high in the search engines - you have to create real, honest, unique content. Yes - it's a bit of work, but Google likes what is natural. Buying links is not natural. Links come when users like content. They link back to you, they "like" you on Facebook, they Tweet you on Twitter, etc. That's natural behavior. Google rewards for natural behavior because it's what their users want.

I'll dive more into this in a later post, but do yourself a favor and build conent the way the web was built originally. One unique page at a time. You will then get your content indexed and overtime ranked.

Here at Luna we treat so called "SEO" really as content writing and distribution. Sure there are techniques to optimize your content and sydicate it - but it's good old fashioned hard work and creativity which gets results. We know because we've seen the fruit of our labors for us AND our clients.

This is a good read highlighting some trends in 2012 with SEO. 

Technology - 5 SEO trends to lookout for in 2012


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